Germany Job Seeker Visa - How to Apply and Steps Involved

Germany Job Seeker Visa - Live, Work and Settle Permanently in Germany

The Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long-term residence permit that allows skilled professionals from outside the EU to stay in Germany for up to six months to look for work. It is a popular visa option for those looking to immigrate to Germany for work.

Why Germany Job Seeker VisaWhy Germany Job Seeker Visa: 

The Germany Job Seeker Visa is an excellent option for those looking to move to Germany for work. It allows applicants to explore the job market and find a job that is a good fit for their skills and interests. Additionally, Germany offers excellent working conditions and a high quality of life, making it an ideal destination for skilled professionals.

Visa Validity: The Germany Job Seeker Visa is valid for a period of six months. During this time, the visa holder can travel in and out of Germany and search for employment opportunities.

To be eligible for the Germany Job Seeker Visa, applicants must have

  • A recognized degree or qualification in the STEM Category, minimum 16 years of Education,
  • A minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in the STEM Category is required, and
  • Sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Germany. The current minimum required funds are €10,236.
  • The German Language is optional, however, if you know German it will be an added advantage
  • It is important to note that Education and Work Experience should be relevant and in the STEM category

Benefits: The Job Seeker Visa to Germany offers several benefits, including the ability to look for work in Germany without needing a job offer beforehand. It also allows visa holders to learn more about the German job market and network with potential employers.

How to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa:

  1. Check your Eligibility: To begin the process of applying for a German Job Seeker Visa, it is important to verify whether you satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria that have been set
  2. Gather Documents: Gather all the required documents as per the checklist and organize them in the order they are listed.
  3. Schedule an appointment: Schedule an appointment at the German Embassy or Consulate to submit your application.
  4. Complete the Application form: Complete the Germany Job Seeker Visa application form and attach all the required documents.
  5. Pay the visa fee: Pay the visa fee and other processing charges as required by the embassy or consulate. Visa fee is 75 Euros.
  6. Attend the Interview: Attend the interview at the embassy or consulate as scheduled.
  7. Wait for the visa decision: Wait for the visa decision to be processed. Processing times may vary depending on the embassy or consulate.
  8. Collect your passport: Collect your passport from the embassy or consulate with the visa stamp if the visa is granted.
  9. Travel to Germany: Once you have the visa, you can travel to Germany and start your job search.

Visa Fee: The visa fee for the Germany Job Seeker Visa is €75.

There are a Total of 5 German Consulates in India German Consulate Address for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa Jobs in DemandJob Prospects in Germany: Germany is a hub for several industries, including engineering, information technology, healthcare, and finance. There are plenty of job opportunities in these sectors and others, making it an attractive destination for job seekers.

Top Jobs in Demand: Some of the top jobs in demand in Germany include software developers, engineers, healthcare professionals, marketing and sales professionals, and finance specialists.




Additional Information

Visa Validity

6 Months

Visa can't be extended after the 6 months validity and needs to be re-applied

Visa Type

Long Term Residency Permit

Can be converted to work permit after getting a Job Offer letter

Visa Fee

75 Euros

Additional documents verification charges are applicable for certain German Consulates

Process Time

1 month - 4 months

Visa approval is granted within 1 week to 2 weeks however, getting an appointment delays the process by 4 months. Few clients got visa within a month also.

Germany Job Seeker Visa FAQs

How to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

  1. Check your eligibility for Germany Job Seeker Visa
  2. Prepare your documents as per the Checklist
  3. Get your Education Assessment done if it is required
  4. Book an appointment with the German Consulate
  5. Attend the interview and submit the documents on the Interview date
  6. Wait for the visa decision
  7. Get the visa approved
  8. Fly to Germany

To know your eligibility talk to us at +91 82961 70949 or mail your updated resume to

What is ZAB Services?

The ZAB, which stands for "Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen" or Central Office for Foreign Education, is a central institution in Germany that evaluates educational certificates from non-German sources.

It assesses the equivalence of these certificates to the German educational system and determines which types of studies they qualify for in Germany. The ZAB maintains a database called anabin, which contains evaluations of educational certificates from over 180 countries.

Who is eligible to apply for Job Seeker Visa to Germany?

To be eligible for Germany Job Seeker Visa an applicant should have

  1. A professional Graduate Degree in STEM background
  2. At least 3 to 5 years of work experience which is relevant to education
  3. IELTS is not required and German language is optional
  4. No minimum age requirement 
  5. Accommodation proof
  6. Motivational Letter
  7. Proof of funds of around 6 lakhs

Can I take my Spouse and Children along with me?

Initially, it is not possible to take dependents on the Germany Job Seeker Visa, however, you can apply for dependent's visa after getting a work permit or EU Blue Card in Germany

How Much bank balance is to be maintained for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

In order to be eligible for a job seeker visa in Germany, you are required to demonstrate that you possess sufficient financial resources to support yourself throughout your stay. This entails exhibiting a minimum bank balance of EUR 947 or INR 82,484.85 per month for the duration of your visit. Therefore, if your visa is valid for six months, you must provide evidence of possessing at least EUR 5,682 or INR 481,189.83.

In the event that you do not possess the necessary financial resources, you may still apply for the visa by presenting proof of sponsorship from another individual. It is possible that you may also be requested to present the bank statements of your sponsor.

Can I work on a Part time basis on Germany Job Seeker Visa?

In accordance with the general regulations, individuals holding a German job seeker visa and originating from India are typically not authorized to work either full-time or part-time.


Nonetheless, in certain specific instances, it may be permissible to engage in work activities for up to 10 hours each week if it is a component of the application process and potential employer. Nevertheless, this is an uncommon occurrence, and it is advisable to consult with the foreigners' authority to ascertain the feasibility of such an arrangement.

How to get a job after getting a Job Seeker Visa?

The best way to get a Job in Germany is through your LinkedIn Profile page, Job Boards, Internal references, Recruitment Partners websites, and official portal for looking jobs in Germany click here


Alternatively, you can talk to Hexus Migration experts to help you search for a Job in Germany.

How Many German Consulates are there in India?

There are a Total of 5 German Consulates in India German Consulate Address for Germany Job Seeker Visa

  1. New Delhi German Embassy
  2. Mumbai German Consulate
  3. Begaluru German Consulate
  4. Chennai German Consulate
  5. Kolkata German Consulate

What if my Germany Job Seeker Visa is Rejected

In the event that your Germany job seeker visa application is turned down, you are permitted to submit a fresh application. It is important to keep in mind that the application fee is non-refundable, even if the application is rejected. If you feel that the reason for the denial is unjust, you have the option to appeal the decision. To do so, you will need to communicate with the German embassy or consulate in India to obtain guidance on how to proceed.



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